Dear partners,

We'd like to thank you for your active and open discussions of our innovations. It is important to understand that our only task is to clearly increase profits of partners who work with us.

During the public debates we've heard the opinion of the majority and we still remain confident in the correctness of the chosen course.

We are glad that all who had stopped their active work with us decided to log in and see what's going on in the affiliate program that regularly pays them money. We've also noticed a 3-times increase of registrations and attendance of the affiliate program.

We were really happy to get feedbacks from such a wide range of our partners, both privately and publicly.

And now, we are going to take right steps to correct our course together.

Therefore, to get profit for players with accounts older than 6 months, you need to engage more then 6 players in any reporting period within a half of a year.

That means that, in case of any difficulties with the continuation of the activity (due to Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications or leave form top search engine results and so on) your money will not disappear, but will be kept on hold at the longest for 6 months.

As for the rest, our team will continue to develop motivation of our active webmasters by offering innovative solutions.

Thanks to all who are partial to our affiliate program!