Dear partners!
For kebabs on the 1st of May to taste even better we propose to increase your holiday budget!

3 Lucky Partners Projects such as Club Vulkan, Eldorado and 24Vulkan run a lottery for its players.

On April 15 lottery "Peace, labor, May" begins at Club Vulkan with a prize fund of 350 000 rubles, and Lottery "Gold of Maya" with 200 000 rubles starts at Eldorado.
On April 16 a lottery "Successfully May" on the 24th Vulcan will be starting. Just imagine, in total our projects give players the chance to win 750,000 rubles!

All promotions take place till May 1, so you just have to forward the most of your traffic to the projects right now! 

And of course, we have already prepared new thematic promotional materials for each action in order for you to notify your players about the exciting lotteries. Sure, they can not deny themselves the pleasure to experience the excitement of the holiday season!

Choosing the best beer for kebabs,
Lucky Partners Team