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Today we present to your attention New Year's enlarged list of descriptions tournaments and lotteries, which will start on projects Jackpot, Best For Play and Slotobar!

Lottery "Gentlemen of Fortune" - New Year's script your winnings!

 Join now - make deposits and receive lottery tickets that will participate in the draw of 18 New Year's gifts.
Prize fund of the lottery:
10 cash gifts, each 20,000 RUB
5 phones Apple iPhone 6, 16GB 
2 trips to the Dominican Republic
Toyota Corolla car 
For every deposit over 2800 RUB ($ 70), the player will receive  lottery GOLD ticket. It will participate in the raffle car, trips and phones.
Deposit above 1,200 RUB ($ 30) will bring class BRONZE ticket.This ticket will participate in the drawing stages, phones and cash prizes.
Lottery starts on December 9 and ends on January 15.
Become a real gentleman of luck with the Jackpot club!

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Sled with money called?

Phenomenal award of $12,000 awaits the winners of the tournament "Sled ​with money 2 level" - join us!
To participate accepted bets of $0.50 for all slot machines club.
Tournament "Sled ​with money 2 level" starts on December 10 and ends on December 22.
In the biggest tournament in 2014 everyone will be able to win, because the prizes have become much more

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The spirit of the New Year envelops Slotobar!

Almost time for gifts and Slotobar spends New Year's lottery two in one!
From the 1 st to December 30 come to a festive party and take part in drawing 1 000 000RUB!

For every $100 betting in any tournament games, the player will receive 1 lottery ticket. All have equal chances of winning, and the players shouldn't be limited just one lottery ticket, more tickets, more chances!
In addition, between the first 25 participants (determined by the amount of bets for the tournament) will be divided progressive fund of Comp-points.

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Welcome to the Tournament "New Year" from Slotobar!

Join the celebration of the New Year with Slotobar and win a super prize - Porsche Macan Turbo.
To participate in the New Year tournament, simply start playing one of the tournament slots, pass short skills and win a car Porsche Macan Turbo (worth 3 911 000RUB). The tournament is held according to the "amount of winnings" are accepted only wins in games that are participating in the tournament.

First 15 participants (determined by the amount of points in the tournament) will share the progressive fund of Comp points.
Tournament "New Year" starts 1st December 2014 to 5th January 2015

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