There is wonderful news!

Starting from this reporting period (07.16.18-07.31.18) all webmasters will receive their partner payments from two independent casino cashes (there was one before).

The partner income of the Cash 1 form the projects: Vulcan Deluxe, Casino Vulcan, Super Slots, Lotoru, and Vabank. The partner income of the Cash   2 forms projects: Eldorado, Vulcan Club, Vulcan 24, Anonymous and Casino Twist. This innovation gives partners the following benefits:

1. A negative balance of one cash desk is not compensated by the positive balance of another cash. For example, during the reporting period, working on RevShare, you have a balance of - $ 1000 from the Eldorado project, but on the project from another cash - the Vulcan Deluxe, you have + $ 1000, therefore, you will be paid $ 1000, which would not happen, whether these projects are in the same box office.

2. Compensation of the negative balance for the reporting period up to $ 300 in each cash desk is different. In cases where the partner has a negative balance under the projects of the cash desk 1 and 2, the compensation of the negative balance will be in both cash desks - up to $ 600.


Always yours,
Lucky Partners team