Dear partners,

Pay attention to the grand series of tournaments on LotoRU. Scatter series is 5 tournaments, 24 hours each with a break of 1 day. Winners of any two tournaments will double theis awards. Players who are lucky enough to take the winning seats in all three tournaments, will increase the total gain in three times!
The first "Scatter Tour" kicked off on August, 12th at 12:00 and ended on August, 13th. There are still four tournaments, a set of games for each is different. Next tournaments schedule is:

August 14-15 - Scatter tour rate 2 - $ 0.10 / 5 p
August 16-17 - Scatter round 3 rate - $ 0.15 / 7.5 p
August 18-19 - Scatter-round 4 rate - $ 0.20 / 10 p
August 20-21 - Tour 5 Scatter rate - $ 0.25 / 12.5 p

Attention! During the "Scatter series" all scheduled tournaments will be disabled.

Important: In the archive you will find banners, promotional text and a diagram which explains the mechanics of the tournament. We recommend to place the information, because for the players it is a great chance to break a big jackpot, and for you it's unconditional conversion increasing!