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Now withdrawing money became even easier. Meet ePayments, one of the most popular payment systems. We know that you've been waiting for it, and in time of common troubles with Webmoney we decided to make you happy with new opportunities. We also want to provide the following referral link (the registration and verifying will be simpler because you will be affiliated with us)

You can easily and quickly register at ePayments with  registration form. When registering at ePayments you can provide your email or phone number (whichever works best for you) as well as a password. During the registration a confirmation code will be sent to the contact you have provided (the email or the phone number), which you will have to enter in the form. That is why it is of great importance to provide valid contacts. All the requests are processed automatically. ePayments differentiates accounts depending on a client’s needs, work purposes and types of future transactions. Currently we offer two types of accounts: Personal and Business.

  • A personal account is an account registered on a private individual for personal use. It should not be used for commercial purposes (in the interests of a legal entity).
  • A business account is an account registered on a company (a legal entity) to accept/send payments for goods, services, any work done for commercial purposes. When working with this account, the details about the company authorised representative, the company itself as well as relevant copies of the documents will be required. The business accounts have additional functionalities such as a merchant, automatic payments and invites system.

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